Stellar....for Really Great Skin!

Hey Fairies....

I have already introduce you to Pelle Beauty, this organic brand from Canada, which became one of my favorites lately! Read my Bloom review here!
Pelle Beauty among other beauty products, is famous for the concentrate facial oils that owns! Today I will review one of them,  Stellar multitasking facial oil

Stellar oil  has natural anti-aging benefits and 10 plant-based floral extracts and botanicals, ideal for restoring and revitalizing lackluster complexions. The scent of sandalwood is ideal for relaxing your face (and spirit) after a hard day and gives you an immediate uplift! It is a lightweight pure oil that absorbs instanly of my mixed skin and make me glow! I use it every night after I spray my face with the Bloom beauty mist! I use only 3-4 drops and believe me, are far enough! 
Stellar is .... "High in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, Meadowfoam, Babassuand , Black Currant oils work together to hydrate and moisturize your complexion. Neroli and Sandalwood essential oils tone and rejuvenate all complexions. Stellar’s lush aroma is one you'll swoon over as it will lift your spirits.  "
Stellar multitasking oil (and all of Pelle Beauty's oils) is Free from Water, Preservatives, Dyes, Fillers and Synthetic Fragrances. 
It contains:
-Meadowfoam seed oil
-Rice bran oil
-Babassu oil: that contains vitamin E, has anti-inflammatory properties, contains antioxidants, helps treat dry skin and scalp, also helps treat eczema, restores hair elasticity, conditions and moisturizes skin and hair.
-Bitter orange flower oil
-Jasmine oil: tones dry sensitive and irritated skin, increases elasticity, helps improve the appearance of stretch marks and scarring.
-Rosa damascena flower oil: repairs broken capillaries, treats rough dry skin, reduces inflammation, irritation and redness.
-Ylang Ylang flower oil: helps treat oily skin,  treats acne and blemishes, stimulates cell growth, smooths wrinkles and signs of premature aging. 
Stellar is an amazing pure oil and can be use in several ways, as a face moisturizer (day and/or night), can also be used  as a makeup remover, a brow groomer, a makeup primer, a mineral makeup mixer and a facial mask as a base before you apply green clay on your face! Also you can put 1-2 drops into your face/body moisturizer for some extra comfort!  In every single use you will be amazed! Don't be afraid of the word "oil" because this one it is fully fast absorbing moisture for your complexion and does not cause any breakouts, in fact it can reduce spots and acne!
The creator of Pelle Beauty, is Marnie Cipriani and her products are made with the most quality of ingredients and are all vegan, paraben and mineral oil free as well as being completely non-toxic. 
You can find Stellar available here, it costs almost 30€ for 30ml product! 

But remember, you get only pure oils without any water and 3-4 drops every day are enough to see your complex change to a better and more glowy one!

Stay tuned the next days I will have a Surprise for you Fairies.....
In the meantime tell me, what do you thing of facial oils, do you use them?

Many kisses from Fairy {oo}Mary!


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