Dove Purely Pampering...The magic of vanilla - REVIEW

Hey Fairy Girls......

As much as I know most of the girls love vanilla in their beauty products... I am certainly one of them! I want to try everything that includes vanilla, and when it is combined with pure Shea butter then.....I have to tried it immediately!

I will present you the new Dove series called Purely Pampering , Shea butter warm vanilla

First of all is the nourishing Shower Gel*. It has the normal white texture of the Dove shower Gels, which is pampering the body with the sensual smell of vanilla along with the proper hydration!
The only thing I didn't like about this shower gel, it was that you have to use so many quantity for the desire foam during shower!
The smell stays in my body for 3-4 hours, but it can stay longer with the......

Dove Purely Pampering body cream* and body lotion*! Both of them are smell divine and gives the body this luxurious velvet feeling! I liked the cream most, because the hydration that provides to my body lasts more that the body lotion's!

Dove Purely Pampering Hand Cream*! This one is in my everyday purse already! I really love this smell of warm vanilla, so I use the hand cream often during the day! The hydration that provides is really good for the protection of our hands!
And last but not least the Dove Pampering Beauty Bar* and Beauty Cream Wash*. The bar is in my bathroom and I am using it on my face, those days that I feel it dehydrate and I need an extra moisture! It feels really soft....

I use the Beauty Cream Wash for my hands ... 

As you can realize I loved the new Dove smell of Shea butter with warm vanilla, and I like to smell it everyday in my body and hands.... Maybe there is something  also for my hair ???

Remember to love your self and your body because you deserve it Fairy Girl! Take a minute and watch Dove's StopGap campaign in you tube here and tell me what do you think about it!

Many vanilla scented kisses from Fairy{oo}Mary!


  1. Ααχ έχω δοκιμάσει αρκετά από αυτή τη σειρά και μυρίζει απίστευτα! :)

  2. Great job on this review doll love dove products.

  3. αχχχχχ μυρίζουν τέλειαααααααα!!! :)
    Τα έχουν στείλει και σε εμένα και τα λάτρεψα!!

    1. :):) Τρελαίνομαι για την μυρωδιά της βανίλιας, είναι γνωστό αυτό πλέον!! Φιλιά!!


    σε τάγκαρα!

  5. Τι υπέροχο άρωμα, τόσο ζεστό & γλυκό!
    Όμορφο μυρωδάτο ποστ <3

  6. Νιώθω να τα μυρίζω από την οθόνη μου!!! Θα τα δοκιμάσω σίγουρα!!
    Πολύ ωραία παρουσίαση :-)


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