My Soufeel Bracelet! **English Version**

Hello Fairy Girl,

They say that jewelry is a woman's best to the diamonds. And I never hide you my weakness for them.
In one of my Christmas posts - Dear Santa, I introduced you to the charm bracelets, which you can customize yourself by selecting and collecting (yes it can be a continuous process) charms with different design. And somehow, my wish came true and a charm bracelet from Soufeel became mine.

I am sure you have seen it somewhere around!!  All Soufeel products are 925 sterling silver and have multi colored germs which come along with good quality. You will find a big variety of interchangeable charms and it will take you a while until you choose some of them.
I got my bracelet in 10 days in a beautiful box (in this point I will encourage the people who work in customs to pay a bit more attention to peoples packets) and every charm was packed in separate bags inside the box! Plus I got a grey pouch, in which my bracelet sits cozy whenever not in use..
So let me show you what I chose (after a considerable amount of time..try it and you will see what I mean)..
My first choice was the basic bracelet (did I mention that you can pick the correct size depending on the size of your wrist?)
The first charm that I loved was the Solar Deity, as it has this combination of silver and gold, moon and sun and also many glittering stones - you know me..I like sparkling things. You will find this description in their website for this specific charm:
"For those who love anything celestial, or for those who have a whimsical personality, this deity charm is perfect for you"
It sounds like me right?
The second charm who found its way to my basket was the Pink Hearts, a beautiful charm with pink and clear glittering stones and 4 sweet hearts. All you need is love..isn't it?
Τhe third one, the Μarine Vortex just stole my heart, not only because I adore everything in blue, but alsoo because the combination with the red blue stone combination is really stunning!! **If you are fast enough you can get it with 50% discount, so if you like it, like I do hurry up**
The fourth one (yes..once you start choosing you cannot stop) is a Vintage Camera which represents my love to photography..
My last one, yes I managed to stop, was love at first sight! The Compass charm is just wonderful and you can see it from both sides, it doesn't matter how you wear it!  Their description:
"Have a loved one in the military or that lives far away?"
I have..both! So this one found his way to me...**also 50% at the moment**
I have to tell you though that the reason I loved the Soufeel charms is because you can wear them anytime as a pendant with a simple necklace, which in case you don't have one, comes as present with orders for more than 69$. And there are shipping fees with orders more than 50$ and if you order for more than 99$ you will receive as a present the basic bracelet (see above) which costs alone 26$ ** 26$ is the discounted price, original one65$!** Make sure you take a look at their website for today's offers and deals, as some of the above may change.

How do you like this kind of customized charm bracelets Fairy Girl? Do you like the idea of personalizing jewelry for you or the people you love?How do you like my choices?

Many kisses from Fairy {oo} Mary!


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